athangudi tiles

Come Barefoot: The Charm of Athangudi Tiles

A long time ago, somewhere in the 18th century, affluent Chettiyars in Tamil Nadu imported tiles for their mansions from Europe. The Chettiyars were a culturally rich and active community.  Their cuisine was distinctive. They were passionate about architecture and built many gorgeous temples. Most of all, their artistic inclinations meant their homes were intricately […]

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travel movies

Movies for travel lovers

If you’re a travel lover, you can watch these movies again and again, and never get tired of them. Because they always transport you to a wonderful place. So here’s our list of 5 movies that are a must-watch for travel lovers. After watching them, you just may be inclined to pack your bags and […]

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5 reasons you should be in Coorg now

Of course Coorg is full of exciting tourist spots and if you’ve been there once or are planning to, then chances are you know the names already: Abbey Falls, Dubare Elephant Camp, Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, and so on. But this blog isn’t about those things. All of them have been written about already and you […]

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5 Unexpected Ways to Meditate

A lot has been said about meditation and mindfulness. But many people have a practical problem: they simply don’t know how to make it work for them. This is despite the benefits of meditation: it reduces anxiety, prevents stress, wards of sickness, and even makes you smarter. However, sitting motionless on a mat and ‘thinking […]

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Why we all need to be more ‘liberal’

The US election is in the news every day. If we think it doesn’t impact our lives and our sanity, then that thinking is both true and untrue. At a macro-economic level, yes, it probably doesn’t affect us. But the election has inadvertently raised questions on fundamental human issues like equality, liberty and opportunity. These […]

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